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American Journal -- Feb. 19, 2021

Title : Chinese Weather Modification To Blame For Texas Freeze?


  1. NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars | Fox News

  2. Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS on Twitter: "15,000,000 people in Texas without water. Food lines. Maybe. Just maybe. The national guard in DC could go where they are needed instead of patrolling the Rayburn Building looking for ghosts." / Twitter

  3. Over 13 million Texans facing water crisis after brutal winter storm - CBS News

  4. Texas Power Outages: Nearly 350,000 Still Without Power After Storms : Live Updates: Winter Storms 2021 : NPR

  5. China to expand weather modification program to cover 5.5 million square kilometers - CNN

  6. China expanding weather-control program to make artificial rain, snow

  7. Biden at G7 will pledge $4B for global vaccines, stress US commitment to multilateralism | Fox News

  8. Wuhan Lab Eligible to Receive US Taxpayer Funding Through 2024, NIH Confirms

  9. Shocker: Authorities Say the Capitol Fencing Shouldn't Come Down Just Yet by Bronson Stocking

  10. Biden: White supremacists are ‘the most dangerous people’ in America | The Times of Israel

  11. Biden: Proud Boys one of the greatest threats to America

  12. Biden looks to FEMA to help combat domestic terrorism in wake of Capitol attack - CNNPolitics

  13. Biden’s Immigration Plan Would Offer Path to Citizenship For Millions - The New York Times

  14. BREAKING: Impeachment Process Against Governor Cuomo Has Begun

  1. With Impeachment Over, Democrats Forge Ahead On $1.9 Trillion Stimulus – True Pundit

  2. Gabriel Ludwig returns to college basketball court

  3. Nearly 180 Democrats support forming $12 million, 13-member slavery reparations commission | Just The News

  4. BREAKING: Bill to Force Maricopa County Audit Passes AZ Senate | The Election Wizard | The #1 Source for Populist News & Wizardly Takes

  5. 🚨Patriot news on Twitter: "BREAKING : SCOTUS is scheduled to consider the voter fraud cases for Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia tomorrow" / Twitter

  6. February 19, 2021 Conference of the U.S. Supreme Court - The Cert Pool

  7. GraceLife Church pastor remains in custody after holding another service violating COVID-19 public health orders | Edmonton Journal

Weather Modification

  1. Geoengineers inch closer to Sun-dimming balloon test | Science | AAAS

  2. Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun

  3. Facebook to flag, debunk misinformation about climate change - TheBlaze

Ted Cruz

  1. Lord BT on Twitter: "I'm in the camp that thinks Cruz messed up here, but holy hell it's amazing what this group of wannabe Woodwards can find when they're actually motivated to research a story." / Twitter

  2. Cuomo Still Underreporting the Total Count of COVID Nursing Home Deaths — ProPublica

  3. Cuomo takes heat from all sides on nursing home scandal | TheHill

  4. Opinion: Gavin Newsom's French Laundry scandal is no reason to toss him out - CNN

  5. Pelosi used shuttered San Francisco hair salon for blow-out, owner calls it 'slap in the face' | Fox News

  6. Austin mayor Adler in Cabo despite encouraging no travel amid COVID-19


  1. NYC Waitress Fired For Waiting To Take COVID Vax Over Pregnancy Concerns | ZeroHedge

  2. As Israel Reopens, A Vaccine Class Emerges

  3. 'No Lockdown'-Sweden Sees COVID Deaths Plummet Quicker Than 'Fully-Locked-Down' UK | ZeroHedge

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