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Episode 001 - Coup-peachment

OFF LIMITS NEWS - 04 Nov 2019

01. Coup-peachment

02. Dem Campaign Collapse

03. Worldwide Revolution

Joshua Wong 黃之鋒 😷 on Twitter: "[THREAD: Hong Kong on 112] 1/ Conflicts re-kindled during weekend as hundreds of thousands took to streets in HK Island protesting unfair election screening and demanding free-election. By 8PM arrest no. went up to 200+ with police brutality. https://t.co/doz4hSvDLQ" / Twitter

RT on Twitter: "Violent clashes erupt between riot police and protesters in #Bolivia https://t.co/yOHEidO3y3" / Twitter

Yellow Vest Police Brutality

yishai porat on Twitter: "הערב במהדורת השבת ב- @newsisrael13 נביא תיעוד בלעדי של אחד מלוחמי מג"ב מבצע ירי בכדור ספוג לעבר פלסטיני שלא מהווה סכנה וידיו באוויר הפלסטיני שרצה להיכנס לישראל הורחק בידי לוחמי מג"ב ובעודו חוזר לשטחים נורה בגבו ללא כל סיבה ונפצע https://t.co/11A4CrEDhz" / Twitter

Press TV on Twitter: "Iraqi demonstrators take to the streets in the capital #Baghdad in solidarity with Ayatollah Sistani #IraqProtests #Iraq https://t.co/5ED0Owl7DH" / Twitter

Hong Kong Politician Attacked, as Violent Protests Continue - WSJ

🇭🇰Be the Light of the World🇺🇸 on Twitter: "@demosisto @OH_NO_1661 This is how Hong Kong Police treat freedom of press. #HKPoliceTerrorists https://t.co/neFpx7YQEM" / Twitter

From Guardians of Hong Kong: Police Neglect Safety Guidelines of Using Flashlight for months

04. It’s Not OK To Be White

05. Alex Jones Brings Tank To Book Signing


‘Get Your Act Together’: Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Support As California Fires Rage

Microsoft Japan’s experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40 percent | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Apple will spend $2.5 billion to help solve California's housing crisis - CNN

Software Engineer Shares Pics From ‘Major Financial Institution’ Near Dallas Showing H-1B Replacements

ThatLookedExpensiveBaton attack during June protests in downtown Portland lands man in prison for nearly 6 years - oregonlive.com

Ginny Ehrhart Would Make Gender Transition Surgery on Children a Felony

Treatment of Assange putting his life 'at risk': UN expert

The Prophet Mohammed had British values - so the only way to combat extremism is to teach more Islam in schools | The Independent

Results Are In: Common Core Is Making American Kids Dumber