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My Stewardship of the David Knight Show Has Ended. Check out the Episodes Here!

It was a very fun week of waking up inhumanly early and hosting the Infowars Morning Show. And also occasionally pulling double-duty and hosting the 2020 Election Countdown show that night.

Here's where you can watch the episodes:

September 9, 2020

- Operatives Running Color Revolution Against Trump and America Exposed

- Quebec Sends "Uncooperative" Citizens To Secret Quarantine Camps

- Doddering Old Fool And Middle School Principal Running To Defeat Trump

September 10, 2020

- Terrorism Expert Details Advanced Tactics Used By Antifa In Portland Slaying

- C-Span Caller Humiliates Brain Stelter

- Former JAG Officer Exposes Sedition In The Military

September 11, 2020

- Are The West Coast Fires A Coordinated Arson Attack?

- While America Burns, The Senate Busies Itself With Pointless Nonsense

- Ethan Ralph Reveals How A Video Game Sex Scandal Paved The Way For Trump’s Presidency

September 14, 2020

- Witnesses Laugh And Celebrate As Ambushed Cops Lay Bleeding In The Street

- Oregon Women Holds Arsonist At Gun-Point After Catching Him In The Act

- UN Chooses Teen Prostitution Advocate For Top Human Rights Post


September 11, 2020

ARSON, CENSORSHIP AND PEDOPHILIA: The Globalist Weapons Used To Level America

September 14, 2020

Watch LIVE! Fake News Destroyed By Massive Crowds At Trump Rallies

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