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New Levels Of White Supremacy We Never Thought Possible - OFF LIMITS NEWS – 18 Dec 2019

Quantum Supremacy and Walking In The Rain are the latest additions to the “White Supremacy” list, joining such racist abominations as math, science, milk, the OK hand symbol, objectivity, and the gifted and talented program.  Congress has authorized $500 Million for Israeli Defense, the YouTube Music director claims to be opportunistically exploiting “the most dangerous thing facing our society,”  YouTube deletes Yuri Bezmenov video as Hate Speech, and French Leftists interrupt nativity play to call children fascist. 


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New Realms of White Supremacy

Congress Authorizes $500 Million For Israel Defense

YouTube Music Director Admits “Opportunistically” Supporting “The Most Dangerous Thing In The World.”

YouTube Removes Yuri Bezmenov Video For “Hate Speech”

French Leftists Interrupt Naivety Play, Call Children Fascists

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