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OFF LIMITS NEWS - 08 Nov 2019

In this extended version of Off Limits News, we cover the top stories from throughout the week.

From impeachment to Project Veritas, to forcible castration, this is Clown World manifest.

OFF LIMITS NEWS - 08 Nov 2019

Pregnant Florida woman uses AR-15 to fend off burglars attacking her family | Fox News

Results Are In: Common Core Is Making American Kids Dumber

Nolte: Woke 'Terminator' Tanks at the Box Office

Baton attack during June protests in downtown Portland lands man in prison for nearly 6 years -

Warren Has a (Fantasy) Plan - WSJ

Kamala Harris shutters offices throughout New Hampshire - POLITICO

Beto O’Rourke drops presidential bid

Bernie Just Dropped His Immigration Plan: Abolish ICE and Make DACA Recipients Legal - VICE

Analysis: Bloomberg's move a slam on Biden, 2020 Democrats

"It's Okay To Be White" flyers found on local university campus | News |

Oklahoma City Police Investigating “It’s Okay to be White Fliers” as Potential Hate Crime

Alex Jones Invades Hillary Clinton Rally in Armored Vehicle

Here's what the GOP's rough election night in Virginia and Kentucky means for 2020

Jury in Roger Stone Trial Packed With Pro-Obama, Anti-Trump Jurors

School sued for telling six-year-old girl that girls are not real - Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms | Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Project Veritas: Amy Robach Says ABC News Killed Jeffrey Epstein Story

CBS News fires staffer who leaked ABC News video about Epstein cover-up: Report

9 US citizens slaughtered in Mexico ambush, family says | KUTV

No ‘foreign intervention’ needed: Mexico rejects Trump’s offer of ‘help’ with drug cartels after murder of US family — RT World News

UK: National Health Service to Deny Treatment for Racism or Sexism

Faced With Hard Questions From ‘Groypers,’ TPUSA Shuts Down Live Streams, ‘Rigs’ Q&A & Screams Racism

Carthage exhibition at Colosseum in Rome - Wanted in Rome

PayPal To Cut Off Donations to Right-Wing YouTuber Stefan Molyneux Following Social Media Divestment Campaign

Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”… | The Last Refuge

TEACHER: 'Boys Need to be Castrated at Birth' - National File

Popeye’s Chaos: Angry Americans Fight Over Coveted Chicken Sandwich

The rise of microchipping: are we ready for technology to get under the skin? | Technology | The Guardian

Chinese police officers join Italian police for joint patrol - Xinhua |

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