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Slavery Reparations Begin In America - OFF LIMITS NEWS – 04 Dec 2019

Democrats are living up to their unspoken motto “You Don’t Need More Money – Black People Do” by beginning a reparations program based on race rather than actual descendance from slaves.  High Schoolers stage walkout to protest the presence of white students, food stamps are cut, elderly Swedes are evicted to make way for migrants, and Zimbabwe teeters on the cusp of a hunger crisis.


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Race, reparations, marijuana, protest, Syria, military tech, food stamps, Sweden, migrant crisis, invasion, EU, George Nadar, Politics, Corruption, Pedophilia, Zimbabwe, Africa, Mugabe, UN

US City To Pay Reparations To Blacks

High Schoolers Stage Walkout To Protest White People

US Forces Kill Two Jihadis With Ninja Blade Missile

Hundred of Thousands To Be Cut Off From Food Stamps

Elderly Residents Evicted To Make Way For Migrants

Pedophile George Nader Charged With Making Illegal Contributions to HIllary Clinton

Zimbabwe On The Cusp Of Hunger Crisis

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