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Top Stories | Sept. 18-25

I'll be hosting the Infowars 2020 Election Countdown tonight, and I plan on doing a Weekly Recap of the biggest stories this week. Here they are!

------------ CORONAVIRUS ------------

Covid Numbers

Lockdown Authoritarianism

Covid Funds


------------ RIOTS ------------

Jake Gardner Commits Suicide

Political Realignment

BLM Tortures Horse To Death In Protest

Attacks on Police

Breonna Taylor Riots

Attacks on Press

------------ 2020 ELECTION ------------

Supreme Court Vacancy

Mail-In Voting Fraud

Biden Campaign

Hunter Biden

------------ CULTURE WAR ------------

White Supremacy

Threat Level: White

FBI Advises By Hate Groups

Black-on-White Violence



Critical Theory

------------ PEDOPHILIA ------------

Pedophile Network Take-downs